Relocatable Walls

Relocatable Wall Systems

Indway Relocatable Wall Systems work in any environment with any furniture, and they provide the acoustic and visual privacy needed in working spaces. Unlike other wall systems, our modular walls are up to 99% reusable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to gypsum board and plywood partitions. Our walls come with swing and sliding doors. Open spaces can be made into closed rooms in the shortest span of time. A two-person crew can reconfigure walls with minimum disruption and minimum material wastage. Our walls can be installed directly over finished flooring and onto false ceiling. Create spaces that have the privacy of regular walls with the contemporary look and feel of Indway furniture.

Modular walls are fabricated from aluminium sections. Power & data cabling can be run through the system, with access from ceiling, wall or any point on the floor. Panel sizes can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally to suit individual needs.

Why Indway Walls

  • Pre-manufactured at the factory using high quality material minimizing installation time at the site.
  • Easily removable and relocatable.
  • Loss of material is minimal.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance free.
  • Additional electrical/data work can be carried out post installation without damaging the partition surface.
  • No damage to the ceiling.