About Us

Our Story

Indway is a leading manufacturer of office systems and related furniture products in south India. Our integrated product portfolio encompasses several lines of systems furniture, mobile furniture, relocatable wall systems, seating, storage and filing, free-standing case goods and accessories.

We began as Woodworth Interiors in 1995, a proprietary firm specializing in interior furnishing solutions for both home and office. Our goal was simple. We wanted to meet the need for a high- quality, affordable alternative to the leading brands. As the market evolved, we evolved too and became Indway Interiors Pvt Ltd in 2005, and recently re-branded as Indway Furniture Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd in 2014.

Why Indway

Located at one of the major industrial estates in the city of Cochin, our manufacturing facility is fully mechanized, automated and conforms to international standards which ensure the quality and consistency of our products and solutions.

From the very start, Indway has taken a fresh, innovative approach to the workspace furniture industry. Rather than simply applying conventional wisdom, we sought and developed our own efficient ways to manufacture and deliver high quality products. We have worked to our own high standards and by doing so, we have streamlined production and design while improving the results of both. That’s why our operation works more efficiently and produces a higher caliber product than our larger, more-traditional competitors.

At Indway, we keep track of trends and how the modern office is evolving, and we make furniture that responds and adapts to changing needs. We’re thinking about the emergence of a new workplace climate, the meaning of new workplace planning models and how ecological principles conform our product designs.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectation, by continuously improving and updating our products and services to meet the demands of our clients, the current market trends and create an optimum work environment for the future.

Our Vision

To be the best – one that becomes a benchmark for other organizations, by creating respect for our employees, responsiveness to our customers and results for our shareholders.

Our Milestones

2005 – Company formed
2006 – Plant & Machinery commissioned
2007 – Commencement of production – Indway Modular Office Furniture Systems
2008 – Introduction of Indway Relocatable wall systems
2014 – Launched Mineral Fiber Board & Aluminium Grid Ceilings
2016 – Flagship Project Cochin International Airport Ltd.(CIAL) T3
2018 – Launched Indway Vinyl Grid Ceilings
2019 – Launched home division
2020 – Introduced Footit
2020 – Supplied furniture to Muscat International Airport